Nov, 2020:
eBells available to order.

Oct, 2020:
Handbell Manager Version 2.0 released.

Dec, 2020:
Support for Ding added in Version 2.1.

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“This is easily, by far, the best development to happen to handbell learning. Whilst a good tutor is invaluable in guiding one's learning experience, this gives every 'would be' learner and developer of handbell skills the ability to expand their skills at any time, anywhere, and in an accelerated timescale. It could easily lead to an explosion in change ringing on handbells, and I think will.”

Richard Grimmett

Comparison of ActionXL Motion Controllers

If you are unsure whether the ActionXL wired or wireless motion controllers will suit you better, the pros and cons below should help you decide.

Please note that neither the wired nor the wireless ActionXL motion controllers are available to buy new.

ActionXL Wired Controllers
ActionXL Wireless Controllers
  • Smaller and lighter – ideal for use while travelling
  • Half the cost of wireless controllers
  • Easier to attach to a dummy handbell
  • No batteries required
  • Very reliable in operation
  • Larger & heavier (110mm long, 34mm thick, 38mm wide, >80g) – more of a handbell feel
  • Four buttons allow more simulator functions to be operated from the controller
  • Two nose buttons are easier to press than top buttons while swinging the controller
  • Complete freedom of movement – can be used further away from the computer
  • Rather small and light (80mm long, 16mm thick, 28mm wide, <20g) to have much of a handbell feel
  • Buttons slightly awkward to press while holding and swinging like the handle of a handbell
  • Only two buttons for simulator functions on each controller
  • Wires may restrict freedom of movement
  • Batteries need replacing or recharging periodically, controllers need turning off to conserve batteries
  • May have occasional problems pairing two controllers and dongles
  • Shiny casing can make your hands sweat if held for long
  • More expensive