Oct 26, 2017:
Handbell Manager Version 1.2.2 released.

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“This is easily, by far, the best development to happen to handbell learning. Whilst a good tutor is invaluable in guiding one's learning experience, this gives every 'would be' learner and developer of handbell skills the ability to expand their skills at any time, anywhere, and in an accelerated timescale. It could easily lead to an explosion in change ringing on handbells, and I think will.”

Richard Grimmett

Obtaining Motion Controllers

Both wired and wireless USB motion controllers from ActionXL can be used as dummy handbells with Handbell Manager and Abel or Beltower. To help you decide which would suit you better, see Wired or Wireless?

The wireless controllers are no longer manufactured, but wired controllers are still available for £11.75 each, plus £4.00 per order for postage and packing to the UK by first class post.

Note: Controllers are priced individually, so please ensure that you specify a quantity of 2 if you want a pair.

To obtain ActionXL motion controllers from please email Changeringing Sales as they are no longer available for online order.

ActionXL Wired Controller

  • USB connectivity for plug-and-play setup
  • £11.75 each
  • plus £4.00 P&P per order
  • Email [email protected]